About Pobanz

At the age of only 12, he was hired as a shop hand at Top Performance, a local exotic car repair shop. With the quick acceleration and the desire to make a difference in the automotive industry, Ryan Pobanz began to exceed all expectations. He was soon left alone to be a full service mechanic specializing in exotic repair. Little did he know that the move he was about to make to Southern California would create a world of opportunity. An NHRA (www.NHRA.com) Top Alcohol Funny Car team, owned by Ken Head and Norm Hill gave him an opportunity to travel with the team work on the pitcrew, this worked out to be a great success. Expanding on his passion for Racing, Pobanz was invited to join a Spec Truck Team that participated in the SCCA (www.SCCA.com) club racing. Between traveling for the race team and graduating from high school at the age of 16, he decided that it was time for a change. Pobanz received a phone call requesting an interview to run a motorsports shop installation facility in Orange County, CA. He worked as Shop foreman for about a year. Pobanz pursued Boyd Coddington at the Hot Rod shop one evening in hope that he could join the Garage and expand his knowledge and skills. Working for Boyd Coddington in the Hot Rod shop was a huge change, he enjoyed being part of the high end builds and working with the cars from start to finish. Boyd Coddington Jr. played a huge role in Pobanz’ growth of knowledge in the custom side of the automotive industry, he introduced Pobanz to the wheel industry and showed him inside the empire that he had built. Boyd Jr. invited Pobanz to join him in his new business venture, BC Forged Wheels was created. Pobanz became Vice President of BC Forged wheels and the company grew rapidly. The continued passion for fabrication and building custom cars made it difficult for Pobanz to be in an office, a change was in order. Aftermarket Sport Truck in Carmichael, Ca learned of Pobanz through one its customers, they quickly began pursuing him to join there elite team of employees to help with the expansion of this rapidly growing company. Some of the finest examples of custom trucks were created, custom one off frames were designed and frame-rails were handmade in-house, building a custom truck had taken on a whole new meaning. From custom sport trucks, he decided to make his mark in the offroad industry, accepting the position of Vice President of an Offroad specialty shop in Brea, CA. The company out grew itself as a result of the high demand for it’s innovative design and performance abilities. Weld Racing, was in search for a capable individual to complete a demanding and complicated project, taking on the challenge, Pobanz was able to complete the Camaro successfully. The car has graced the covers of magazines and won multiple best of shows and placing second in a Concours d’Elegance show against some of the finest exotic cars ever built.


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  1. Ryan; The Boyd Coddington wheels that I bought from you arrived in great shape. I found some Michelin pilot sport tires at Discount Tires. As soon as I get them mounted. I’ll send you some pic’s. Do you have an E-mail address I can send the pic”s to? Anyway, I hope your new arrival and mom are doing good. Merry Christmas…..Pat Lynch Gumball8401@gmail.com

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